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In the shop we offer the 'SILENCE' photography square and double-square serie.

For the 'SILENCE 3:2', 'THE SILENCE GOLD' serie and the paintings please sent your request for info by mail.


A new contemporary photography serie. Virtual landscapes born out of Rep's abstract paintings

The paintings of Rep Ringel are large, raw, unpolished, executed in earthy tones and metallic paint, often provided with 24K gold and always inspired by music. The process how the paintings are made is special. Painted in many layers, intertwined by horizontal and vertical line structures. The works are named after the source of inspiration; the artist or the relevant track on which the painting was made.


For his new ‘SILENCE’ series, all paintings have all been photographed with a special technique, creating completely new images. By focusing on a small detail from the large work, there is an alienation, but at the same time a recognition. These photos can be seen as endless mysterious landscapes in which you can dream away. 

Printed on archival paper and glued between Ultra HD acrylic (museum glass) and dibond gives the artpieces a great intensity of the glossy plexiglass, but without reflections! On the backside a suspension construction for easy hanging.

Please use following buttons for shopping the photography images 'SILENCE' square ones or the 'SILENCE' double square ones.

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